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This wiki is about the fabulous streamer XGMScene. Join him on his daily antics across many video games however he mainly plays Destiny. This wiki also intends to shed some light on the wonderful community that this streamer has created. Finally, PRAISE THE SHEEP!


People of the XGM Scene
Stream Information

Well this is fun.... What now?

This is the front page you sexy bumbling buffoon! Click any of the links to pages on this wiki to immerse yourself in the XGMScene :D

Stream Schedule

XGM streams Monday - Saturday from 12PM (EST) - 6PM (EST)

  • Tuesday is ResetTuesday in Destiny
  • Wednesday is RaidWednesday in Destiny
  • Thursday is WrapupThursday in Destiny
  • Friday - Monday is NewGameWeekend

PC Specs

XGM currently plays games on stream on his PS4 and uses his PC to stream the gameplay. His PC specs are as follows:

CPU Intel Core i7 -960: 3.20 GHz
RAM 12GB Crucial
GPU EVGA GeForce GTX 570 Superclocked
Keyboard iMac Wired
Headset Logitech G35
Mouse Razer DeathAdder
Webcam Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920
Monitor HP 2509M 24 inch
Streaming Software OBS

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