XGM Scene Wikia


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Name: Michael/XGM
Age: 24
Occupation: Streamer

Here you'll find information about the wonderful streamer XGM, who would've guessed?




  • What are your stream times?
    • XGM streams everyday apart from Sundays. To see a more comprehensive list of his stream schedule check the schedule section of the homepage.
  • What is your PSN?
    • XGM's PSN is XGMScene. He accepts all fried requests if you follow the Twitch Channel
  • Can I join your lobby in...?
    • If you follow the Twitch Channel and also add XGM on PS4 you're more than welcome to join his lobbies provided you have the game and the lobby has an open slot.
  • Do you play PC or Xbox One?
    • Currently XGM only plays on PS4. However, he is working towards picking up an Xbox One. He currently does not use his PC to play games on stream as he uses his PC as the stream machine.
  • What do you use to stream?
    • XGM uses his PC. He has played around with things such as the Aver Media card but to unsatisfactory results. He also uses a green screen to increase the production value of his streams.
  • What are your PC specs?
    • Check out the homepage section on PC specs to find this out.
  • Can you play...?
    • Currently XGM plays Destiny on all days apart from Friday and Saturday but he is open to suggestions on games to play on these days. He also tries to keep up with new releases.
  • How can I contact you?
    • XGM checks his Twitch direct messages after every stream and if they are serious messages he replies to them. You can contact XGM through Twitch direct message, Twitter, and his email: XGM.Scene@gmail.com


  • "I dunno what I'm going to do next, I might go use the toilet"
  • "My grandma used to slap her flatscreen when the signal went"
  • "Welcome to the XGMScene"
  • "Praise the Sheep"